Yonex Rexis


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Used by Naomi Osaka with Poly Tour Strike, Yonex Rexis is A high-end multifilament designed to help players generate power and maintain comfort. Yonex builds extra comfort into this string using a highly elastic FORTIMO polyurethane.  The use of a Fusion of Resin Filament (FRF) process fills in the ordinary multifilament string gaps with more flexible material, giving this string greater elasticity and a solid structure.  Yonex Rexis also features plasma bonding on a molecular level, designed to enhance ball speed and improve durability.  This string will add comfort and neutralise the shock of a stiff racquet or stringbed when used in a hybrid setup.


String Type: Multifilament (made with highly elastic FORTIMO polyurethane)
Key Characteristics: Comfort, Power, Tension maintenance
String Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Colour: Natural
Advantage:  Power, comfort, feel and shock reduction.