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When it comes to the amazing world of tennis, your racquet strings are an important part of your game. Whether playing tennis is just a casual hobby, or you’re playing at a national standard, your strings will be prone to tension loss and movement over time.  Besides the obvious string fraying and breakage, if you're having to adjust your strings frequently, continuously playing bad shots, or just noticing a different sound and feel in the racquet then it’s probably time for a restring.

It’s impossible to overstate the impact that your racquet’s strings have on your overall performance on the court, and your ability to feel the ball connecting with your racquet. Think about it for a second, it’s your strings that are actually making contact with the ball and applying your power, control, spin and precision. The strings are the heart and soul of your racquet; don’t neglect them just because you spent some hard-earned cash on a decent frame.

Regardless of whether you’re planning on becoming the next Rafael Nadal, or simply play tennis to have a bit of fun and exercise with friends, don’t let loose strings keep you from reaching your potential and enjoying the sport as much as you can.

Using Pro Shot to restring and maintain your racquet will give you an advantage you can’t imagine. As a company with an in-depth knowledge of both tennis and all of its equipment, you’ve come to the right place for everything tennis!

Racquet Restringing

We restring racquets professionally and at an affordable price. We’re here to give you expert advice on the best string and tension for your racquet.
We consider your playing style, the level of power and control you're aiming for, string durability and any injury concerns.

Racquet Repairs

Get your racquets repaired professionally. We have decades of experience in all racquet repairs and
maintenance. We specialise in full grommet set replacements and handle repairs.  Smaller jobs like grip replacements are also welcome.


Pro Shot Racquet Restringing is proud to be partnered with Racquet World bringing you the best tennis brands at great prices!
Racquet World stock the biggest brands in the game including Head, Wilson and Yonex.

With Pro Shot, we string your racquets to revolutionise your game!

When it comes to racquet restringing, Pro Shot is the top-seed in the Greater Melbourne area. No racquet leaves our workshop unless we’re 100% satisfied we’ve done the perfect job. Our customers range from young kids still learning how to serve, to top regional and national players, and professional coaches. Our state-of-the-art equipment combined with our extensive know-how in tennis racquet restringing and racquet repair will help tennis players reach their potential and enjoy their game.

With Pro Shot, we string your racquets to revolutionise your game!



See for yourself why so many of Melbourne's tennis players use Pro Shot for all of their racquet care and restringing.