Solinco Hyper G – Soft


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As the name suggests, Hyper-G Soft is Solinco’s slightly softer version of the standard Hyper-G tennis string. Like the standard Hyper-G, this string is designed for spin. It has sharp edges for gripping the ball and a slick surface enabling the strings to snap back more powerfully during play. This string exceeds in the area of controllable power and spin-friendly precision, Like Hyper-G original, the soft version still allows big hitters to execute aggressive strokes without the fear of overhitting the shot.

This medium-firm co-poly has above average feel and is definitely more comfortable and forgiving than the average co-polyester string. Expect a crisp and connected feel that still allows plenty of ball control and great pocketing. This medium-firm co-poly provides a more comfortable feel for those who like to string above 55 pounds.

String Type: Co-Polyester Monofilament
Key Characteristics: Power, Spin, Precision
String Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Colour: Green
Advantage: Control, spin, feel and confident connection with the ball