Solinco Confidential


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Several years in the making, Solinco Confidential has met the rigorous standards of elite ATP and WTA professionals throughout its development cycle, generating power and intense spin and bite from its unique 4 sided profile. This string offers a firm construction with exceptional control, durability, precise ball placement and consistent playability. Players who take full swings at the ball will appreciate the pinpoint accuracy and surgical targeting of Confidential. With its precise response and 4-sided profile, this string has exceptional control and impressive spin-potential while being firm but comfortable. The experienced ball player who wants a durable co-poly that rewards full swings with pinpoint accuracy will get the full benefit of this string. This newest offering from Solinco’s lineup is right up there with the best strings on the ATP Tour today.

String Type: Co-Polyester Monofilament
Key Characteristics: Bite, Playability, Control, Spin, Precision
String Gauge: 16L (1.25mm)
Colour: Black
Advantage: Pinpoint accuracy on full swings, Exceptional control and durability.